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Other Animals in need of sponsoring

Ping Pong the Turkey needs your help

Help make a difference in the life of Ping Pong, our cherished turkey at the Heathrow Special Needs Centre. By sponsoring Ping Pong, you contribute directly to addressing key welfare issues that affect turkeys like him, such as providing ample space for exercise, securing a diet that meets their specific nutritional requirements, and ensuring a stimulating environment to promote mental health. Your sponsorship helps us offer Ping Pong and his friends the care and respect they deserve, while advocating for better welfare standards for turkeys everywhere. Join us in our mission to create a happier, healthier home for Ping Pong.

Titan the Guinea Pig needs a sponsor

Join us in caring for Titan, our delightful guinea pig at the Heathrow Special Needs Centre, by becoming his sponsor. Your support for Titan will directly enhance his life, ensuring he has access to specialized veterinary care, a balanced diet tailored to guinea pigs, and a stimulating environment that caters to his natural behaviors. Sponsoring Titan not only improves his daily welfare but also raises awareness of the specific needs and proper treatment of guinea pigs. Help us provide Titan with the loving care he deserves and champion better standards for guinea pig welfare everywhere. Sponsor Titan today and be a vital part of his journey to a healthy life.


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Heathrow Special Needs Centre, Bath Road, Longford, Middlesex, UB7 0EF




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  • Work Experience
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  • Free: To take part in gardening and horticulture activities
  • Free: Work experience placements

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