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JULY 2019

Viviiana and her friends at the Home Office raised £160 to help with our operating costs. Thank you so much.



May 2019

 Christine Owen ran the Staines 10K Run on Sunday 12th May and fundraised £300 for the Centre. A wonderful achievement and gratefully appreciated. Many thanks Chris.




May 2019

13 RDA riders passed theirStage 1 Proficiency Test Awards. This is a fantastic achievement. We also had fun playing Easter games in the arena.

What are the proficiency tests?

The proficiency tests range from grades 1 to 4 and gradually increase in difficulty, providing an attainable challenge within the scope of the individuals capabilities and giving participants the opportunity to gain useful, practical equestrian knowledge, evan at a basic level. Please speak to Pat, Head of riding, if you would like to know more.

Our 13 Superstars feature in our special edition May RDA newsletter.


April 2019

Click the funding link to view our Chair and Treasurer's latest Annual Reports


March 2019

Our Special Farm Day : Northwick Day Centre


We enjoy going to the farm

We have fun, and come to no harm,

The farm has various types of animals

Which we see and pet,

Horses pigs and goats

But not a ferret yet!


Lots of jobs for you and me,

Christalina sweeps with glee.

Into bags manure goes,

Later on fresh food grows.


Val to see the horses likes,

Watch out though 'cause Sparky bites!

In the big greenhouse Kathleen goes,

Into pots she plants and sows.


Sweeping up is not for Tony,

And he stays away from the pony.

Unlike Chris who the pony does love,

Chris works hard in the sunshine above.


Airplanes it seems you can reach up and touch

They scare the rabbits in their hutch.

We're going home covered in muck,

Don't forget Tracy's egg from a duck!


January 2019

Exposure to Work Experience

The Ealing Careers Cluster programme is aimed at offering young people with special educational needs and disabilities an exposure to the world of work, reducing the numbers of young people that end up not in education, employment or training, or not fulfilling their full potential.

Heatrow Special Needs Centre has recently been supporting this programme and provided work experience for some of our learners. This has been an invaluable service as it has helped many of them to identify hidden skills and qualities. In addition, it has helped build their confidence and hopefully will help them towards making an informed choice about career progression. Thank you.

Angela George, Project Manager, Dynamic Training


December 2018

Magic Santa performed great conjuring at our popular Christmas party. Everyone got a present



August 2018

The UPS Foundation awarded the charity a grant of US $25500 (£19944)  for capital works including a new pathway, windbreaks to part of the riding arena and help towards refurbishing the ground floor of the farmhouse which will be used for Lifestyle Training for disadvantaged people 



April 2018

Horse Riding update




Charity Update: January 2018


2017 saw visitor numbers increasing to 8600+ compared to 7500 in 2016.

Our activities are very popular and well subscribed.

Cedar Tea Room is now established with regular clientele

As local authorities cut back on the services they are able to offer, more people with disabilities and special needs are turning to the Centre for help and support and their numbers are expected to continue to rise in 2018.

Unfortunately success comes at a price. The charity had a deficit of about £10,000 for the financial year ended 31st December. 

Operating costs were about £86,000 and Income about £76,000. The Annual Report with final figures should be published in April


RDA Riding Update from Pat our Head of Riding

In December 2017 we said goodbye to Rory & Gorda who have gone back to their owners for a well deserved rest, they will be missed by all. Sparky a 7  year old Connemara has joined our team and is proving to be a lovely RDA pony. We are happy to say that we are able to keep our riding fees the same as for 2017 and look forward to welcoming new riders in 2018.


Animal and Garden Update from Susan our Centre Supervisor

The year to come:

Winter is sprangled, frost covered sheep and crisp crunchy grass. Hungry mouths abound-all the time. It is hard work and rewarding in equal measure.

Spring is full of promise, everything is burgeoning. Pear trees in blossom and animals sporting sleek summer coats or new featherand down-all is green and clean.

Summer is allotment time. Lots of vegetables are growing, for sale in our shop and for use in our kitchens.

Autumn means preparation for the harsh months to follow. Anials are round and fluffy. The gardens spent and scruffy. We need to get ready - for Winter. 



December 2017

Our Users Christmas Party was a great success. Everyone received a present from Santa who also performed magic tricks. Garfield & the Mayor Of Hillingdon ensured all had a good time with lunch provided by The Heathrow Sheraton Hotel.








Sarfraz completed the London Marathon and fundraised £870 for the Centre.

Many thanks to Sarfraz and also to Viva Xpress Logistics (UK) Ltd for their support




Open Day 19th September 2017

Some pictures of a great event on a sunny day. The Mayor of Hllingdon presented certificates of merit and The Heathrow Sheraton Hotel provided a buffet lunch. 







July 2017


Tommy, one of our volunteers has been fundraising and raised £62.00 for the Centre.

Well done Tommy





Cedar Tea Room.

Managed by Yvonne and her family who have made Cedar Tea Room a special place for our disadvantaged users and visitors.  See more pictures and info on the Cedar Tea Room page. 





Meet our new turkeys, Rosemary & Thyme, friends for Borage (Boris).

Both birds were kindly donated by Copas Traditional Turkeys at Cookham.






                                                                             SOME OF OUR SUPPORTERS


                                            The Butterflies Group                                                                 The DHL team


                                           Etihad Airways                                                                               Centrica


                                                               Inner Wheel of Walton on Thames



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