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Funding and Accounts


Heathrow Special Needs Centre

Income and Expenses


The charity is funded by charitable giving, general fundraisng and occasional grants.

We do not receive guaranteed regular income from any source.


Treasurer's Report

15th September 2020

The Charity Acccounts for the year ended 31st December 2019 include details of restricted grants. The Accounts have been independently examined by S M Armstrong.

The 2019 accounts show an increase in Donations and Grants recognised when compared to 2018 financials. Trading income continues to be driven predominently by fees charged as a contribution towards horse riding. The centre delivered a modest increase in lessons provided to ssrvice users in 2019 thanks in no small part to the team of Trustees, staff and volunteers involved with running this function. Whilst riding fees charged to clients have supplemented costs, after factoring all costs associated with our horses, facilities and riding staff, the activity runs at a loss.

Following continued development in the facilities offered to clients, visitor numbers again increased. As a result, the centre required funding of approximately £7,700 per month to cover running costs such as employees' wages, utilities, animal feed and husbandry and repairs and maintenance. This was an increase of circa £200/month compared to 2018 and future service improvements depend on securing additional regular funding to support it. 2019 also saw a limited number of infrastructure projects alongside ongoing site maintenance to retain the standard of the site for visitors.

In terms of overall available resources, the charity ended 2019 with a small improvement in total cash reserves. The Trustees usually seek to retain 6 months of running costs in unrestricted cash reserves. At the end of 2019 this level was achieved and provided the centre with some financial security ahead of 2020.

The centre attracts minimal government financial support and so relies on the generous donations from organisations and individuals alike to run the centre. Attracting regular and unrestricted donations continued to be challenging throughout 2019.

For those individual donors who can make and sign a Gift Aid Declaration, the charity can reclaim the income tax content of the donation from HM Revenue and Customs.

Given the highly unusual events in early 2020, the AGM and this report are later than is typical for the centre which has allowed  me to comment on the outlook for the current year in more detail.

Following significant flood damage in February as a result of Storm Dennis, the Coronavirus pandemic then forced the centre to temporarily close to visitors. Since that time the Trustees, staff and volunteers have worked hard to manage the situation and reopen as soon as practically possible.

It is estimated that to date the centre has suffered a financial shoertfall of circa £35,000 as a result these two events and the corresponding drastic reduction in income.  This situation has forced some incredibly difficult decisions as the Trustees sought to preserve funds and retain the centre for the future benefit of our service users.

Initial trials to reopen the centre in a Covid Secure manner have been encouraging, however the additional costs of operating in this way mean that the financial health of the charity remain perilous, desperately requiring additional funding in order to continue operating into 2021


Damian Pearson ACMA CGMA


15th September 2020



Chairman's Report


2019 has been one of consolidation at the Centre. On the solid foundations created through the hard work of previous years we find ourselves in a more stable environment than for some years I have reported on. It is beneficial  to our clients for their wellbeing and engagement of the Centre's functions that they are met by the same staff and volunyteers when they visit us. For many with special needs that structure and continuity is as important as the activities they undertake during any day with us.

As you will see in the Treasurer's report our finances have followed a regular pattern. Control of expenditure coupled with the need to reflect the high value we place in our staff whilst investing in those areas of infrastructure that are in need of repair or replacement means that every penny of income is spent wisely. Additional income would be most welcome as it would increase the range off services delivered and thanks go to all companies, individuals and grant funders who have supported this charity in 2019.

Our engagement with the proposed Heathrow Airporet Expansion delivery has continued during the year with multiple meetings creating a core site plan that can be used to create replacement facilities for the Centre shoud the 3rd runway plan be granted and our resettlement be required. Just going through designing our facilities with professional architects has highlighted the best and worst of our current site layout.

As we complete 2019, I am pleased that our client visitor numbers remain steady and gradually increasing, our volunteers who support the delivery of engagement and animal welfare continue to benefit from that process and our staff and management committee are working together with external supporters to ensure the charity continues to develop  and mature. Anmal care, horse riding, horticulture growing and the cafe environment all remain popular and it is great to see clients engaging in all these functions during a visit.

On behalf of my fellow trustees I wish to thank all involved in the furtherence of the aims of this charity and it is evident by the smiles on the faces of our visitors and the positive feedback received that we continue to deliver on our services and interactions to the benefit of all.


Dorian Mead

Chair of Trustees






























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