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Funding and Accounts


Heathrow Special Needs Centre

Income and Expenses


The charity is funded entirely by charitable giving, general fundraisng and occasional grants.


2019 projected operating expenses:  £93000


Accounts for the period 1st January to 30th April 2019 

Income: £31532

       Expenditure £32262


April 2019

Chair of Trustees Annual Report

Once again as Chairman of the Trustees of Heathrow Special Needs Centre I am privileged to report on the positive influences this charity has had on behalf of those clients who benefit from our work.

2018 has seen an overall increase in numbersattending the Centre both as individuals, supported clients and groups with care workers. Each year there are a few groups lost (usually to changes in transport provision) but fortunately others take their place. It is apparent how important Freedom Pass access to public transport is to a growing number of those in society with special needs.

Our horse riding function increases in popularity and our additional equines provide greater flexibility to cope with rider numbers on the most requested days as well as coverage for when a particular horse may be unwell. The trustees extend our thanks to Pat and her team without whom this function could not happen. The mixture of paid staff and volunteers keep this activity within the cost effective reach of our clients.

On a less positive note we remember fondly the charities former President Fred Smth who passed away this year. He was a co-founder of the original Spelthorne Farm Project For The Handicapped many decades ago and remained a stalwart supporter always through our evolution to HSNC. Another fond farewell was made to our long term patron Trevor Baylis. Throughout his life he championed those with special needs and his attendance at Open Days alwaysalways created a clamour for photographs. His generous bequest will applied in such a way that his influence will carry with us for many more years.

In my last reoprt I mentioned our participation in the Heathrow Airport Expansion Project. We are involved in the communities liaison programme although this past year has seen little progress whilst other external factors have slowed the planning process. We are however assured that should the time come for the charity to move to a new, local provision our clients will not be disadvantaged.

On behalf of the trustees I should like to offer our sincere thanks to all those companies and individuals without whose support our charity could not continue. Whether it be direct financial assistance, benefit in kind or volunteered time I can assure you every donation is important. At a time of national uncertainty it is continuity that our clients desire the most and your support provides just that.

To anyone reading this report, who has not visited the Centre recently, I do invite you to do so. Half an hour seeing our clients interact and benefit from being with us will underscore why this charity is so vital to those who attend. As the Cedar Tea Room evolves to incorporate greater 'hands on' training opportunities for those clients looking to enter the mainstream work environment I am pleased to report we have secured funding to enhance the standalone training facility in the farmhouse meaning another strand of clients can directly benefit from the charities functions. Helping clients become more independent and confident when interacting with others we believe is socially important

To all those who have and continue to support us may I offer the thanks from all the trustees

Dorian Mead

Chair of Trustees


April 2019

Treasurer's  Annual Report

The Charity Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2018 include details of restricted grants. The Accounts have been independently examined by S M Armstrong.

The 2018 accounts show an increase in Donations and Grants recognised when compared to 2017 financials.

A significant driving factor for this is that the Trustees have been able to utilise a greater portion of restricted grants previously donated to the Centre, compared to 2017. Restricted grants do allow the centre to fund specific valued projects, though depending on the nature of the project, there can be a delay before those funds can be utilised. As always, unrestricted funds allowing the Trustees to maintain the core offering provided to service users are challenging to obtain but most beneficial.

Trading income continues to be driven predominantly by fees charged as a contribution towards horse riding. Unfortunately the centre does not benefit from an increase in riding fees compared to 2017. This was due to the sad loss of a horse through illness and temporary suspension of riding as a result. Horse riding continues to be managed as a standalone activity with a contribution toward lessons charged to clients. Despite the interruption mid year, the centre has continued to expand the number of horses and lessons available to meet demand from our service users. This has been possible through close management of the riding function led by Pat Morgan and the use of riding fees to supplement costs, noting that when factoring all costs associated with our horses, facilities and riding staff, the activity runs at a loss.

With growth in visitor numbers our client offering, the charity currently requires funding of approximately  £7500 per month to cover running costs such as employees wages, utilities, animal feed and husbandry and repairs and maintenance. Tis is an increase of circa £500/month compared to 2017 and future service improvements depend on securing additional regular funding to support it. The last year has also seen a number of small infrastructure projects alongside ongoing site maintenance costs to retain the standard of the site for visitors.

In terms of overall available resources, the charity ends 2018 with a small improvement in total cash reserves. The Trustees seek to retain 6 months of running costs in unrestricted cash reserves, though in part due to higher number of grants received being restricted, 2018 ends below this level  and it remains extremely challenging to attract significant regular sources of unrestricted donations.

This is a major area of focus for the centre, in terms of attracting new sources of funds to the charityand in ensuring efficient use of funds, to provide the greatest possible benefit to clients on a long term basis.

For those individual donors who can make and sign a Gift Aid Declaration, the charity  can reclaim the Income Tax content from HM revenue and Customs.

Damian Pearson ACMA CGMA


18th April 2019 





















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